Motionless In White

Clown for hire

Hey, ghouls! A clown is having a hard time finding a job, so Lucy decides to help

The eye of the beholder

Hey, ghouls! A little goblin asks a magic mirror about her beauty

The main Ayurvedic herbs: from Andrographis to Trikatu

Nature offers many ways to heal ourselves, and just as many ways to help you stay healthy. One of these ways is through the main Ayurvedic herbs. Thanks to their principles, we can try to keep the body in harmony to counteract any diseases. Ayurvedic medicine: the...

The future

Hey, ghouls! Becca tries to predict the future, but finds some technical problems

Summer hit

Hey, ghouls! The new summer hit is here and we can't stop dancing to it!
Motionless In White return to Italy in June

Motionless In White return to Italy in June

It's now official. Motionless In White returns to Italy on 21 June 2023 at Magazzini Generali, Milan. The concert On 21 June 2023, Motionless In White returns once again to the stage of the Magazzini Generali (Via Pietrasanta, 16), eager to perform some of the most listened songs from their latest album, Scoring the End of the World. The band will be a special guest on the Milan stage of The Ghost Inside's tour, titans on the international scene thanks to an overwhelming melodic metalcore....

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Motionless In White return to Italy in June

Scoring The End Of The World: Motionless In White new album review

On June 10, 2022, the new Motionless In White album was released by Roadrunner Records: Scoring The End Of The World. Preceded by the singles Masterpiece and Cyberhex, the thirteen tracks merge into a perfect blend of industrial/digital and hardcore. Review Scoring The End Of The World In this new work, MIW have chosen to break away from what made the rhythm of their previous albums swing, to give new shape to the lyrics of the songs and somehow make them more pounding, more indelible. With a...

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Motionless In White return to Italy in June

Motionless in White: new singles released

After a period of silence and creation, Motionless in White is back with two new singles, in anticipation of what will be their new album: Scoring The End Of The World to be released on 10 June 2022 on Roadrunner Records. Cyberhex and Masterpiece On March 11, 2022, the metal group announced the release of their debut single that opens the dance to their new album. Cyberhex has quickly reached millions of views on YouTube and many plays on Spotify. The single has strong electronic notes and a...

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