After the long period of quarantine, which also affected artists, HYDE is preparing to launch its new single Let It Out, scheduled for November 25, 2020.

I make a small introduction, those who have known us for a long time, know that we were once “famous” for our articles on Japanese music.

Unfortunately, for a long time, these articles then went a bit to get lost, so much so that the music section, in general, was a bit neglected. We would like to be more active again on this issue, both for information and reviews of songs and albums.

Therefore, if the idea intrigues you, please leave in the comments also the artists you would like to hear about (Asian or not) and we will do everything possible about it. Within certain limits of our abilities.

Let It Out

To be honest the song is not a completely new song for those who follow the artist.

The piece was already presented on September 11, that is yesterday, in the performance of HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde.

The audience was able to watch live online, comfortably from home and certainly for HYDE itself was a novelty. A screen projected the images of the audience from home and then HYDE himself could see their reactions during the performance.

Many were the comments and reactions that showed the public’s support for the artist who admitted to being very surprised and happy.

 The single

The single, as we said, will be available in two different versions that we will describe below.

Of course, as always, we have a limited edition. If you succeed in winning the first print you will have a free A2 poster.

In addition to Let it out, there is a punk re-arrangement of GLAMOROUS SKY that HYDE had written for Nana’s film, the same that was played at HYDE LIVE 2019 ANTI FINAL.

Also, this edition includes a DVD with the music video of Let It Out and a Documentary.

In the regular version, however, there is no DVD, but you can always try to win the poster in A2 format.

Obviously, with both versions of the disk, there is the usual code but it has value only for residents in Japan.

For all the others, we recommend the purchase via CD Japan. On this site, among other things, until September 15 you can get a ¥ 300 coupon on a  ¥ 5000 purchase using the discount code that we leave you below.

Having said that, we can only wish you a happy purchase. Let us know your opinion on this, in the meantime, we look forward to the next article.


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