Thus Always to Tyrants, is the new  ARRAYAN PATH album. It’s been released the December 9th and it is ready to bring everyone on a new trip.

 Musically, the new album is one of the band’s strongest efforts to date; one that includes several style variations that go beyond the usual epic-power style that the band has become known for.

Welcome to Vampire’s Tears. First of all thanks for accepting to do this interview. A few days left until the release of your new album. How do you feel with it?

Thank you! Miguel here. We are very excited about the album, we put a lot of work into it and it’s exciting to have a strong vision about something and then see it become a reality at the end!

For me, it’s always interesting to see how music takes inspiration from historical events. When did you decide that King Evagoras’ story was the one to tell?

Evagoras was the last ‘true’ king of Cyprus. He’s part of our identity on this island, and our history isn’t as well known as some other countries in this area. So we feel that it is a topic well worth exploring and expanding on!

As I read from your statements about the album release, King Evagoras is very important in the history of Cyprus. How it was your approach in narrating these events?

''Thus Always to Tyrants''- Arrayan Path

”Thus Always to Tyrants”- Arrayan Path

We wanted to give the feel of an epic series – like the ones that are all the rage now, like Game of Thrones and what have you.

Each song is like a big-budget episode, in terms of scope and concept. With the huge, cinematic orchestrations and choral arrangements, we wanted to take the history of our small island and make it sound big – because it is big!

We have a long, varied and fascinating history and not many people know much about it!

Do you think that the album can make the metalheads curious to know more about the narrated events? I confess that I made some researches and I arrived till the Socrates speech.

We want all our albums to do this! The concepts of our songs definitely need some more digging into – we try to tell stories with our music, mostly from the past, mostly from the very rich history of our culture, and if we inspire people to do their own research and want to learn more about it, for me that’s mission accomplished!

Some days ago Of Royal Ancestry lyric video was released. Very nice one, as many of the new tracks. What can you say about the feedbak from the audience?

The reactions we’ve heard from people has been very encouraging, they really like the sound we’ve achieved on this album, and the overall vibe that we put into the music.

According to your personal opinion, is there any track/s of the new album, that you feel yourself very “tied” to?

For me personally, From a King to a King is a song that has many riffs and melodies that I spent a long time working on, a long time putting ideas into

Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery), Paolo Viani (Warlord), Enzo Donnaruma (Enzo and the Glory Ensemble), Louis Syrimis (Zivanished, Infected Syren), Harrys Pari (Minus One) e Christina Polycarpou. It’s a long and interesting list of guests. How it was working with them?

Arrayan Path

Arrayan Path

All of these musicians are really world class.

Gary Wehrkamp is someone who has been a biginfluence on me through his work with Shadow Gallery, so having him appear on the album is a huge honour, and Enzo’s work was also exceptional.

Christina is a musician whose unique talents on the Cretan Lyre gives a haunting, beautiful sound to our music – she really brought an entirely new dimension to the sound and I was very very happy she agreed to work with us! I know Louis and Harrys very well through other bands we’ve worked on, and hearing their input is always very exciting!

As we said, a few days left to the album release, so let’s talk about the promotion. Do you have events or tours in your plans? Something that you can anticipate to us?

We are busy preparing for live appearances, and are in the process of arranging some! Of course nothing is yet confirmed, so keep an eye out for announcements!

Is there any country that you wanna visit with your music, or where you want to come back?

We love playing in Greece, we always have a wild reception there, and we would absolutely love to visit Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel… wherever there are metalheads, we want to be there!

Many thanks for the time dedicated to us. We are honored to publish this interview. Is there any message that you wanna send to greet our readers, in particulare the Italian audience?

As we love history and historical themes, Italy would naturally feel like our second home I think!

We would absolutely love to visit Italy and play there, we think the Italian audience would get what we’re trying to say, and what we’re trying to achieve with incorporating history and mythology into metal music!

Thanks for all your support, we hope you love the new album and hopefully see you on the road!


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