Good news arrives from Palaye Royale: their new album is coming on October 28, 2022, released by Sumerian Records in collaboration with producer Chris Greatti. The title track? Fever Dream, the single that has already won thousands of fans.

Fever Dream

Fever Dream - Palaye Royale - LP - Special Edition

Fever Dream – Palaye Royale – LP – Special Edition
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On July 15, 2022 Palaye Royale release the video of their single Fever Dream. No one expected it to be the highlight of an unexpected new album.

Fever Dream marks the beginning of a new experience for the Las Vegas band. The song starts with light music and then finds the typical rhythm of the group and explodes in thousands of fireworks. In the video, shot by the Italian director Gianluigi Carella, we see the frontman Remington Leith struggling with a feverish dream, at the end of which hope awaits him.

Here, regarding the new album, the band said: “Making this record felt like getting back to when we first fell in love with music. It’s the first time we’ve really taken a hopeful approach in our music.”

So this record looks like it will mark a new journey for Palaye Royale and their fans. A journey that will also include some singles already released by the group: No Love in LA, Punching Bag, Broken, and Paranoid.

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Fever Dream - Palaye Royale - Digipack

Fever Dream – Palaye Royale – Digipack
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The Palaye Royale are preparing for a new challenge, in which hope takes part in the adventure. Regarding the new tracks, the band kept the secrecy, but stated: “This record is very much about self-belief and self-empowerment, and overcoming all the obstacles that life throws at you.”

We can only wait until the end of the month!