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Hey, ghouls! This week we take a look at the prestigious Evil Corp Gala. Who's going to be on the red carpet?    

Magic eye

Hey, ghouls! An angel finds out about autostereograms


Hey, ghouls! Death has a new hobby

The best herbs for smudge: from mugwort to white sage

Smudge is one of the most important ways to purify an environment, make a home safe, and ward off negative energies. In this new article, we will try to discover some of the most used herbs to create an effective smudge stick. What is a smudge? Smudge sticks are...


Hey, ghouls! There's a new toy in stores!
Oceana on The Pattern: “This album contains our very blood” – Exclusive Interview

Oceana on The Pattern: “This album contains our very blood” – Exclusive Interview

Oceana is an interesting presence on both the Rome and national music scene who, with their first full-length record The Pattern have had an immediate charm on me and pushed me to bring them to our platform with a few questions so we can better get to know them. To be quite fair, what I got to ask them for this interview is only barely even half of what I would have liked to ask them, but nothing is stopping us from inviting them back in the future, especially considering that they're already...

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The Pattern – Oceana [Review]

The Pattern – Oceana [Review]

The Pattern – Double Vinyl Acquista su Big cartel Oceana is a Roman band that debuted in 1995 with a demo printed in only 500 copies. In 1996 an EP was released containing two new tracks, Violet and Tragicomic Reality, and the four of the reissue of the debut demo. A second EP was to be produced, but it all fell apart when Massimiliano (guitar player and choirs singer) joins Novembre, a capitol band. They return in 2020 with a launch video for the song You don't know, and in 2021 with their...

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