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Not all men pt.2

Hey, ghouls! Lucy shows us why saying "not all men" is counterproductive  


Hey, ghouls! Let's take a look at the news


Hey, ghouls! There are many fake news online, and some of them are very dangerous

Calming herbs and plants: from hawthorn to linden

The world is full of plants that help us deal with the most stressful moments in life. In this new article, we talk once again about plants and herbs capable of relaxing the nerves. Once again we emphasize their traditional uses, their mystical powers, and medicinal...


Hey, ghouls! A woman offers her condolences to a friend, who responds in a peculiar way!
EUPHORIA – Fuck Anyone Who Is Not A Sea Blob

EUPHORIA – Fuck Anyone Who Is Not A Sea Blob

Fuck Anyone Who Is Not A Sea Blob, the second special episode of the show Euphoria, came out on Sunday the 24th of January on Sky Atlantic. As was the case for the one that precedes it, those with an HBO Max account had the chance to see it in advance, on the 22nd of January. "Why did you run away?" is the question the episode opens with. A question that brings up back to the past, to the scenes now seen through Jules' eyes. A question that, depending on personal interpretation, could even...

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EUPHORIA – Trouble Don’t Last Always – Drugs & Pancakes

EUPHORIA – Trouble Don’t Last Always – Drugs & Pancakes

In early autumn, Euphoria fans received some splendid news. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which sees the US climb the world rankings for their infection and death rates, the filming schedule for season two was postponed to further notice. Then, HBO announced the release of two special episodes starting from December 6th 2020. The first episode, titles Trouble don't last always, aired yesterday night on the US channel. The next episode will be airing in 2021, but no exact date has been...

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