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Not all men pt.2

Hey, ghouls! Lucy shows us why saying "not all men" is counterproductive  


Hey, ghouls! Let's take a look at the news


Hey, ghouls! There are many fake news online, and some of them are very dangerous

Calming herbs and plants: from hawthorn to linden

The world is full of plants that help us deal with the most stressful moments in life. In this new article, we talk once again about plants and herbs capable of relaxing the nerves. Once again we emphasize their traditional uses, their mystical powers, and medicinal...


Hey, ghouls! A woman offers her condolences to a friend, who responds in a peculiar way!
WandaVision & Marvel’s inescapable structures

WandaVision & Marvel’s inescapable structures

WandaVision is the first in a sequence of Marvel TV series - or rather, miniseries - since its acquisition by Disney. It aired on Disney+  starting January 15th and recently ended after bringing to the streaming platform an original if not entirely well-landed story of grief and love. Plot Fluctuating between classic TV and the tried-and-tested Marvel Cinematic Universe formula, WandaVision brings to the screen a universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision have built a lovely little suburban...

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Uncle Frank – review

Uncle Frank – review

Written and directed by Alan Ball for Amazon Studios and with Paul Bettany's heartfelt interpretation at the helm, Uncle Frank tells a coming out story that is far from the optimistic progress of the last few years but reminds us of the consequences of a suffering that many still have to face today. Plot Set in the 70s, Uncle Frank follows the car trip of a gay literature professor who, together with his teenage niece Beth, goes back from New York to his childhood home in Creekville in South...

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