Dear readers, today we want to surprise you with a fantastic exclusive: the interview with Sylvain Reynard. Canadian author famous in Italy for the series Gabriel’s Inferno.

Hello Mister Reynard, it’s a pleasure to can host you on our website.

  • Hello everyone. Thank you for inviting me to join you and your readers. I’m happy to be with you.
We are from Italy, and your books are often set in Italy or about Dante Alighieri. Why do you like Italy and when did you start to love Italy?
  • I think I’ve always liked Italian history and culture. I read Dante many, many years ago and was struck by the brilliance of his writing. And I thought the story of Dante and Beatrice was beautiful.
In Italy, we can only read the Gabriel’s Inferno series. We will read something else from you?
  • I am glad that you asked this question. I have good news for Italian readers. An Italian translation of my Florentine series is coming soon. I don’t have a release date or all the details yet, but the Italian translation of “The Prince” should be released first..
The Gabriel’s Inferno series will become movie on Passionflix. What do you feel about this?
  • I am very excited about this. PassionFlix is a company of readers who read The Gabriel Series and loved it. They encourage author involvement at every stage of the process. I’m very happy about working with them. Right now, the script is being written for “Gabriel’s Inferno” and then we will begin casting. Filming is scheduled to begin the autumn of 2019 in Toronto and Italy.
When I bought  Gabriel’s Inferno series was on the section of erotic books in the bookstore. But reading them I felt like they are not erotic books. They are passionate books but not erotic. What do you think about?
  • I agree with you. As an author, you can’t control how a publisher decides to market your novels. I agree with you – the novels are sensual but they were not written as erotica.
Professor Gabriel Emerson looks particularly beautiful reading the descriptions in the novel. Why did you decide to describe him like that?
  • The character of the Professor is charismatic and magnetic. He has the soul of a poet and I think those qualities amplify the physical descriptions.
Which of the male characters you wrote is more related to you?
  • Well, Gabriel and I have a few characteristics in common …
With which female character you wrote would you like to have a relationship?
  • I have always admired Julianne because she’s intelligent, loyal, and kind.
What are the books you have now on the bedside table?
  • I just bought a copy of Deborah Harkness’s newest book “Times Convert.” I really enjoyed her All Souls Trilogy and rated each of them at 5 stars. Highly recommended. 
Do you prefer paper-books or ebooks? Why?

  • I prefer paper books. I find reading ebooks strains my eyesight.
What are your hobbies?
  • I like to travel. I like fine food and wine.  I like museums and art galleries. Again, this is why I like Italy. The food and wine and culture are incredible. There are so many museums, galleries, and historical monuments to visit. And every time I travel to Italy, I discover something new.
So we ended our interview. Was really amazing to can talk with you. Do you want to say something to all your Italians readers?


  • Certainly. Thank you all for reading and for your incredible support. I am so grateful that you have embraced me, a Canadian writer, to write about your homeland. And I am thankful you have shared your country and traditions with me. Thank you. SR


Thank you for your time.


Angy S. and Vampire’s Tears Staff



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