In a sunny California town, a sagacious and sassy girl helps her father run the investigative office. Her name is Veronica, Veronica Mars.

Neptune, dotted with villas of wealthy gentlemen and gangs of motorcyclists, sees the unfolding of a terrible crime: a fifteen-year-old, Lily Kane, is found dead in the swimming pool of her parents’ house. This is how the life of her best friend Veronica is forever turned upside down. Between Lily’s murder and her mother’s escape, the shy and obedient girl gives way to an irreverent high school student thirsting for justice.

This is Neptune, Nightowls friends, where secrets abound and everyone has something to hide.

Oh, Veronica, Veronica…

This show aired for the first time in Italy on April 12, 2006, winning the attention of all the guys who, like me, saw a modern heroine in Veronica Mars. Her boredom towards the school institution, her extraordinary intelligence, her brazen courage, and that note of sarcasm always on the tip of her tongue, made her the ideal model for all teenagers.

Dealing with high school is never easy; it is a period of life in which the world seems almost upside down and we always feel a little out of place. For this reason, following the vicissitudes of a blonde outsider like us made us feel less alone in our inadequacy. Her character possessed the right balance between a common girl and an investigative genius.

Fans came to love this series so much, that when a fundraiser was opened in 2013 to make the film, the goal of reaching $ 2 million was exceeded in less than 24 hours.

The crime outline

Veronica’s father, forced to abandon his position as sheriff, opens an investigative office; and while he investigates betrayals and money disappearances, she delights in solving the problems of her schoolmates for money, with the help of her best friend Wallace. Meanwhile, in the background, the hunt for Lily’s killer continues; she is determined to discover the truth.

The wealthiest families in the city, especially the Echolls, Kane and Casablancas, have more skeletons in their closet than the rest of all of Neptune. The shady character of Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring, is a shell of anger and unpredictability, under which beats a heart of suffering and insecurities. Instead, Duncan Kane, Veronica’s apathetic and kind ex-boyfriend, seems to hide a restless soul.

Thus, between a high school mystery and another, our protagonist is determined to highlight the facts that led to the murder of Lily Kane; at the same time she is determined to focus on unclear events from her past.

This big crime drama outline in which Veronica’s high school life is locked up added spice to what might otherwise have been a simple teen drama. This tv series donated a detective suitable for the youngest, who made us all feel a little more investigative and tested us, trying to solve Veronica’s cases ourselves.

The fourth season

Made up of only 8 episodes, the last season of the series arrives 13 years later. Aired in America in 2019, and arrived in Italy in 2020, it wants to put an end to the events of Veronica Mars, which in the final of the third season almost seem to remain pending.

In a grown-up context, our protagonist has now finished university and has returned to Neptune to once again help her father in his investigations. Now she lives with Logan, who has become a military man. He has lost all his adolescent brazenness and has begun to participate in psychological sessions to expose his sensitivity; however, his aching eyes still hide their typical darkness. So a big new case threatens Neptune, a bomber is on the loose, while two professional hit-men roam the streets undisturbed.

The season finale broke my heart, but it underlined that strength of mind that is typical of the Veronica Mars we know, her ability not to be let down by life but to get up stronger than before. Very good Kristen Bell, who was able to take back her character after more than 10 years with the same spirit of the past; she did a great job.

A Teen Gold with all the trimmings

This TV series, despite the few seasons, can still be considered current. Today’s teenagers are used to a completely different kind of show, but a return to the roots never hurts; I think Veronica Mars can still teach the new generations something. This is why I feel I can call this telefilm a “Teen Gold” because no new TV series has yet managed to match Veronica’s sly investigative eye, nor her sarcastic magic.

So here is this article as a tribute to our adolescence; to that part of us that still watches thrillers and detective stories wondering “What would Veronica Mars do now?”.