In the Sacred Heart Hospital, John Dorian and Elliot Reid are ready to do anything to prove that they can be good doctors. Between the snorts of Dr. Cox and the antics of the chief of medicine Bob Kelso, this is Scrubs.

Stethoscope your way, Nightowls friends, it’s time to take notes.

Sacred Heart: a big family

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Scrubs: The Complete Collection
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Hospitals are hostile and unfamiliar places for many of us. Some feel a long shiver go up to their arms at the word “sting”. Some do everything to be as healthy as a fish, just to never set foot there. And then some work there in a hospital.

This is precisely the case of the protagonists of Scrubs, novice postgraduates, who have chosen medicine as a life partner. And between double shifts, bad nights, drips, and x-rays, how could that place so shunned by other people not become a big family?

At the forefront, we have the thoughts of John Dorian and the madness of his friend Turk, as opposed to the maturity of the nurse Carla and the carelessness of the trainee Elliot Reid. If you happen to stroll through the corridors, you will surely find the “Janitor”, with a stern frown always aimed at J.D., and the group of a cappella singers led by the clumsy lawyer Ted Buckland.

John C. McGinley in Scrubs (2001)

John C. McGinley in Scrubs (2001) © IMDb

If Dr. Perry Cox got up on the wrong foot, you will see him grind his teeth in front of the coffee machine; and if you peek into Chief Kelso‘s office, you’ll hear his stern voice mortifying some newcomers.

In short, as in all families, everyone has their extravagances, which fit together with those of the others in an amalgam of whims that make you smile. Between people who work in such close contact, for such a long time, it is natural that a relationship of mutual understanding is created, which makes work border on friendship.

Laugh, but not too much

Zach Braff and Judy Reyes in Scrubs (2001)

Zach Braff and Judy Reyes in Scrubs (2001)© IMDb

Born in 2001, it takes its name from the term “scrubs” which indicates the uniform worn by doctors and nurses, but also the surgical practice of washing hands carefully before surgery; at the same time, he can identify a small person, a rookie, just like J.D. and other trainees.

With this pretty good pun, the producers immediately put the joke at the center of the show. The slightly unhinged soul of the entire hospital sees continuous competitions, acid jokes, and teasing, to which are added the extravagant requests of patients.

Zach Braff in scrubs

Zach Braff in scrubs © IMDb

Aimed at playing down what is inevitably considered an unpleasant environment, Scrubs makes us understand that sometimes a laugh is enough to make our surroundings better. Through somewhat demented behavior, he reminds us that it is not necessary to show off long faces and severity to be serious and competent people.

However, the producers were also able to grasp the more difficult aspects of what is one of the toughest professions in the world. Being medical involves strength and a high level of humanity that we see leaking out in some of their most difficult cases. It is a job that puts a strain on the spirit because there will always be situations in which there is nothing to laugh about. The great strength of doctors also lies in this: to recover after having seen so much disease and so much suffering.

Dorian & Turk

Zach Braff and Donald Faison in Scrubs (2001)

Zach Braff and Donald Faison in Scrubs (2001) © IMDb

We don’t all have someone who always knows which planet we are on, who knows how to accept us for the way we are, without tricks. Dorian and Turk, Turk and Dorian are one of the best friendships in TV series. Simple, a little crazy and with some ups and downs, she travels throughout history following the flow of life. Despite how much Turk loves Carla, and how much J.D. be smitten with Elliot, no one will be in love more than Turk and Dorian. Who doesn’t envy their pancake drawer? Who wouldn’t want to be included in their nonsense? And have someone to stay an eternal teenager with?

We are not all that lucky so if you find a friend like Turk, hold on to him!

Let’s toast with an Appletini

And therefore Scrubs also deserves to be part of our Old But Gold column. Over eight seasons, we’ve seen the characters grow, complete their specialization, and finally launch into the future. For the laughs you have given us … let’s toast with an Appletini, as J.D.


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