After two years of gossip, reviews, and TV series that have marked twenty years of our life, the Old But Gold column closes its doors. This long journey into the unfathomable depths of the TV series that conquered the 90s, and successfully crossed the early 2000s, has come to end.

The epilogue

old but gold finaleThe Old But Gold column was born from my passion for old television series, for all those TV series that stole our hearts during our adolescence. From drama to comedy, from supernatural to science fiction, there have been many series that have made inroads into our collective imagination, carving out a special corner for themselves.
Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Friends, Xena – Warrior Princess. And then Fringe, The O.C., Eureka, Lost, Supernatural. It was quite an adventure. I enjoyed rediscovering with you some of the greatest TV successes ever.

But alas, every TV series reaches its final season, every book reaches its epilogue, and every journey ends with a farewell. The column has run its course, I’ve told you about all those I consider the best TV series of the end and beginning of the century. The articles will always remain here, on the Vampire’s Tears portal, for all those times you feel nostalgic for the good old days.

A farewell

For a long time of 31 reviews, Old But Gold has kept you company. Now we just have to say goodbye.

Buffy will be there, always ready to throw a stake at you. Xena, fearless and deadly, you will find her chatting with Olimpia. Piper, Phoebe, and Prue will always be preparing a spell. Clark Kent will stay stargazing in his Smallville barn. Warehouse 13 will continue to move from place to place on Earth, and there will always be a steaming cup of coffee for you at Central Perk.

In short, this is not a real goodbye, you will always be welcome in the somewhat vintage space of Old But Gold.

old but gold finale