Palaye Royale

Composed by brothers Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett, Palaye Royale is a Canadian-American band created in Las Vegas. With a garage rock/glam rock style they have gained an army of fans, dubbed as Soldiers of the Royal Council. Their group’s name comes from the Palais Royale, the Toronto dance hall where their grandparents first met, in the 1950s.

Each member of the band is a musician and a visionary: the Pirate, the Vampire and the Gentleman. Inspired by greats of music such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Doors and My Chemical Romance, their art style is also influenced by Tim Burton, as can be seen in the song You be fine. Great advocates of individuality, Palaye Royale are “outfitting the revolution”, as they like to say.

Their albums Boom Boom Room (Side A) and Boom Boom Room (Side B) have been a great success.

In 2020, The Bastards comes out, and is immediately a worldwide phenomenon.

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  • KeiLeela

    Classe '90. Nella vita mi occupo di codice e grafica, nel tempo libero navigo verso mondi fantastici. Fondatrice del portale Vampire's Tears, tratto di argomenti legati all'horror e al fantastico. Indago su miti e leggende e misteri esoterici.

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