Luca Guadagnino


Hey, ghouls! A mermaid is going to work, will she get there on time?


Hey, ghouls! A wizard creates a magic potion, what could it be?  

Poisonous herbs and plants: from aconite to yew

Magical plants, relaxing plants, calming plants, plants for winter. We talked about all these types of herbs in previous articles, and what about poisonous plants? What are those plants and herbs to which we must pay particular attention to avoid intoxication? Or...

The Union

Hey, ghouls! A demon's job is not easy at all

The Ghouls

Hey, ghouls! This week's protagonist receives a menacing call, but he has other plans
We Are Who We Are – Review

We Are Who We Are – Review

With such an impactful cinematographic personality like Luca Guadagnino developing it, We Are Who We Are is a TV show that faced great expectation right from the very beginning and inserted itself into a genre of stories about adolescence that contemporary audiences seem to like a lot. Plot Set in a U.S. military base on Italian soil and with two young American kids as protagonists, We Are Who We Are explores friendships, first-loves, and identity, and tries to immerse the audience in the...

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Call me by your name – a summer night’s review

Call me by your name – a summer night’s review

Call me by your name, a cinematic success that received glowing reviews from critics under every aspect but that may have had a different reaction from the wider audience. Synopsis From the novel of the same title by André Aciman, Call me by your name transports us to the summer of 1983. In the north of Italy, Elio Perlman (played by Timothée Chalamet), an American-Italian 17-year-old, spends the days with his family in their seventeenth-century villa, transcribing and playing classical music,...

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