Good evening people to talk to you about a Visual-Metal new band: the YAMI JAMP.

So, first of all, I need to introduce this kind of music. So, when I write the word “Visual” it could be easy for you guess that it would take inspiration from the japanese Visual-kei kind of music. So, this is the reason why I’m talking about them in my blog. 😉

The first concept about YAMI JAMP start in 2010 from Kuro (drum) and Rei (vocal). But to be honest a previous idea was already born in 2009 and was formed by Kuro, Rei and Xà (but this project never start at all) that came had a join with band in the second team in the 2011. In the same year, we had the first complete band formed by Kuro,Rei and also Rurù (bass) and also Morph (guitar). YAMI JAMP show their first live at Sarno Comix performing I’d like a dream. On November Xà (guitar) joined back the band and from this date they start to compose new song. From 1012 to 2015 they are invited in the best comic event in Campania like Napoli Comicon, Fantaexpo, Cavacon and Costumeplay. On february they released their first single with their first video (or PV if you prefere) MORPHEUS. You can watch it belong here.

Do you like it?
Feel free to share your opinion. And if you like it, I’d like to inform you that YAMI JAMP started a crowdfunding campaign to collect money for their first album that probably will be release in late september. If you like help them please join their event.

And now, I like just let you know them one by one 😉

 rei Name: Rei
Role: vocal
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood type:  A+
Name: Kuro
Role: drums/piano
Zodiac: Virgo
Blood type: ???
 ruru Name:Rurù
Role: bass
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood type:  0+
Blood type: A+
 xa Name: 
Role: guitar/vocal
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: ???


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