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Wings Flap – L’arc˜en˜ciel

Sep 22, 2015 | L'Arc~en~Ciel, Music | 0 comments

Hello everyone, and welcome back here!
So, I’m so sorry because in the last time I didn’t take care so much of this blog. But it’s a strange period. :/
Anyway, I can’t miss this news! u.u I’m so glad to announce it even if it’s a little bit late.

On December 23, the new single from L’arc˜en˜ciel will be released. It will be titled Wings Flap and they already performed it in l’Arcasino.
I think it’s a very nice song! *-* I love it! I want it now!

We can choose from three different editions. The first one comes with a BluRay disc and a photobook, the second one come with a BluRay disc and the last one is only the CD. This time they don’t release a DVD edition. I hate them for this because I don’t have a BluRay reader ç___ç


So, that’s all! If you want you can download the wallpaper on the top, but please don’t remove credits!

See you soon

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