The complicity between parents and children is not always simple. It is a relationship that often puts distance; the adult who gives orders is never welcome, and the kid who thinks he already knows what life is can be irritating. However, that’s not what happens to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, a mother and daughter who are best friends.

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a mother as a friend? We will try to find out in this article.

Light in adversity

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The life of the young single mother Lorelai Gilmore is full of coffee, drunk at any time of day and night, and of timeless cinema classics seen with her daughter, between pizza and blankets. No one, observing her smile, could ever deduce the problems she had to overcome; nor, listening to her sparkling jokes, one could speculate how difficult it was for her to create a little place in that corner of the world that is Stars Hollow.

Having closed ties with her parents, distanced herself from her boyfriend, Lorelai makes Rory the focus of her life, the light that illuminates her adversity. It is for her that she manages to face the changes, it is for her that she finally decides to graduate and manages to dream of opening a small hotel.

Therefore, our Lorelai becomes the undisputed emblem of emancipation. A girl and then a woman who takes her life in hand; she chooses to go beyond convention and becomes her daughter’s best friend.

Bizarre stars

Imagine. It is morning, the sun is shining and the snow on the sidewalk is sparkling; we stop for a hot coffee at Luke‘s and say hello to Kirk as he argues with Miss Patty in front of her ballroom. Then we smile at the scene of Taylor directing the works for the city party. We huddle in our coat in front of Lane who is bickering with his mother, and we flank Michel who is on his way to work. Life has never been better in Stars Hollow.

The small fictional Connecticut town is the classic picture of provincial life. Its unique and bizarre characters, and the familiarity with which everyone has always known each other, are a warm cuddle that melts even the darkest mood. It is a reality pushed to the limits, a smoothie of stereotypes and gossip underlined over and over to become original and funny. We could consider it the example that even in the folds of everyday life you can find a fragment of extraordinary fantasy.

Una mamma per amica Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls

The honey of love

In the life of the young Rory, there is no shortage of suitors. Her teenage loves follow a cliché as old as the world: the good girl who falls in love with rebellious young men. Dean, the thoughtful one with somewhat narrow views. Jess, the genius who breaks the rules. Tristan, and his stolen kisses. And finally, Logan who, I must confess, I never liked, with his cheeky character.

In short, a small universe of loves and disappointments revolves around Rory, who didn’t make them the center of her world and didn’t give up on her commitments to spend time with them.

As for Lorelai instead … we all knew how it would end, from the first minutes of the first episode, which sees her with Luke while he pours her coffee. It was clear that they would end up together, but the producers cunningly chose to let us simmer before finally seeing them express their feelings.

The importance of complicity

lorelay rory gilmore girlsOur protagonists don’t need to have secrets, they don’t let long silences of unspoken things settle between them, creating that distance that too often breaks family ties. Lorelai has chosen complicity, and Rory has chosen not to use adolescence as a pretext to withdraw into her inner cosmos. The daughter patiently supported her mother; her mother, with simplicity, confided in her and showed her how important dialogue was and how much the world could be a good place if faced together. And so they laughed, joked, quarrelled, cried, and were the safe haven for each other.

We should always remember their uncommon relationship. We should keep in mind that all parents are human, that they can make mistakes, and for this, we must not judge them or blame them for their choices, but always give them our support. And one day, when we are parents too, we can try to really be ourselves with our children; sharing your life with them in sincerity will repay us with a true bond that will last forever.

Together again

Years since the last episode of the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, the producers have managed to reunite the cast to create a miniseries of four episodes, one for each season of the year. Rory is now a 32-year-old woman who is in a stalemate, while Lorelai is now nestled in her life as a couple with Luke.

They both need new stimuli, a new push. Now Rory is an adult and there is no trace in her of the innocence of adolescence; the time has now come to make mistakes, to bask in uncertainty, and to take a new crazy road: that of writing.

Lorelai is forced to come to terms with that past that has made her suffer for a long time; it’s time to let him go, put on the veil, and marry Luke.

In a pleasant return to Stars Hollow, with all of its quirky characters, we once again see the Gilmore girls face life, in an ending that isn’t an ending. Because, as the producers themselves have pointed out, the relationship between a mother and a daughter can never be closed.

Golden like autumn leaves

Born in 2000, Gilmore Girls finishes on our Old but Gold list. It is a small television gem to watch again to ward off sadness, mitigate discouragement, and never forget that after each storm the sun will rise again. We live in the present as only Lorelai can do; like Rory, we carefully ponder every decision; and we learn from Luke to never hide our character, even if a little gruff!