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Brand New Cherry Flavor: horror minisiries review

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Based on the novel by Todd Grimson, one of the latest Netflix productions has arrived on the streaming platform. Brand New Cherry Flavor is a horror miniseries that, between toads and kittens, plays with some of the most repulsive human fears.

Brand New Cherry Flavor – Plot

Al nuovo gusto di ciliegia (2021) Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Al nuovo gusto di ciliegia (2021)
Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) © IMDB

Lisa Nova, aspiring director, arrives in Los Angeles to meet Lou Burke, a slimy film producer. The man saw her short film and was so fascinated that he wanted to turn it into a movie. But behind its faux-interest facade lurks desire, which crawls out to envelop Lisa ruining all of her expectations.
It will be revenge, sweet and cruel, to lead her towards the insidious meanders of magic. With rituals, terrifying presences, and dead people, she will discover that revenge can be a bitter morsel.


Witches, spirits, and otherworldly presences are part of the imagination and tradition of the whole world. The strange things in this show are born in the heart of Brazil, where the jaguar’s spirit used to wander undisturbed in the forests.

A creepy woman, a sort of witch, lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in that big house with a white jaguar painted on the wall. Her rituals are dangerous, disgusting, and macabre; the creatures that surround her are no longer human and what she wants are … lots of kittens.

Brand New Cherry Flavor leads into a strange story, probes fears, and tests the spectator’s cold blood. Once you start looking, you can’t resist the spell: you have to get to the end of the story.


The Los Angeles of the 90s opens before us when the young Lisa Nova arrives in the city. Her dream of becoming a director collides with the harsh reality: Lou Burke, a film producer winding down his career, aims to make Lisa’s film his own.

Humiliated by her in his testosterone excess, Lou will snatch every opportunity out of her hands. It is then that the girl meets Boro, the bizarre and disturbing woman who promises her revenge. When she sets foot in Boro’s rain garden, Lisa’s life takes a strange turn.

The duel has now begun. It involves low blows, ritual magic, worms, and clumsy hitmen. Between Lou and Lisa is an open fight. But there is more; something mysterious with Boro, a trap door in the bedroom, and a scary specter. What is the witch hiding?

Personal opinion

Al nuovo gusto di ciliegia (2021) Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Al nuovo gusto di ciliegia (2021)
Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) © IMDB

A magnificent Rosa Salazar in the role of Lisa, and an excellent Eric Lange in the role of Lou, have made the fortune of this miniseries. Their interpretation is realistic, engaging, and determined to enchant the audience. The visual effects used, very vivid, very raw, impressed me as it hasn’t happened in a while with TV series and horror films.

Disgustingly disturbing, it challenges spiritual and physical terror, placing itself on two different levels of horror without neglecting a pinch of macabre irony. The story confronts us with magic almost devoid of special effects a la “bibidi-bobidi-bu”, presenting us the magic of blood and sex, which digs deep and becomes concrete.

However, a major flaw lies in the finish. With this being a miniseries of only eight episodes, I was expecting a firmer conclusion, as the chances of a second season are very uncertain. After all the events that took place and the fast pace of the story, I did not expect such an open ending and without the right twist. If a second season is not confirmed, everyone will be left with a bit of bitterness in the mouth.


Brand New Cherry Flavor is a small work of horror art. With this first mini-season, it has shown that it has great scenic potential, as well as all the credentials to go towards an equally shocking second season. Pending future decisions by Netflix, if you have a penchant for horror, it is almost a must to watch it.

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