ViCTiM – VALSHE & minato project release a double CD

It was announced on the VALSHE national tour in October. Now we can show the first CD born from this project. It’s titled ZERO SUM GAME/NON ZERO SUM GAME and come from VALSHE and minato (tolie) in a new duo called ViCTiM. It is composed from two section both in rock style but a little bit different from each other.

We can find two different edition. The limited one comes with a DVD with show the PV and the making-of and contains the two track plus instrumental version. In the regular edition we can’t find any DVD and it don’t contains the instrumental version, but we can find a third track ポイズン・アップル・ジュース.

Both come with a card and in the first press on CD Japan you can  find also a photo.

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