SYMMES is a new project by Sebastiano Brocchi. Author of the Pirin Fantasy Saga, the writer tries his hand is a new field, that of cinema, with a completely original approach.


The astronaut Euphrosyne (Christina Rosamilia) is sent on a mission on mining planet Symmes. The planet, also known as “the hollow world”, has been completely excavated and emptied by explorers looking for the Having. But now that there’s nothing left of the Having at all, Euphrosyne will have to look for the wisdom of the Being, left behind as inheritance by ancient Master Mida (Alberto Bonvento).


SYMMES can be defined as a multifaceted project. Officially, it is an amatorial Sci-Fi film that involves a number of personalities of various abilities and talents. For its author, the mastermind and master-hand behind the entire idea, it is a veritable challenge.

As we already mentioned, it dabbled in the Sci-Fi genre, but it is not your usual science fiction story with spaceships and fights of ultra-technological weapons. SYMMES set itself the aim of becoming an anthem. A song that talks of philosophical, almost ancestral themes. It talks of respect for the world we live in and for what makes human beings, well, human. In addition, it brings forth a celebration of beauty that, for the author, finds its biggest realisation in the female, a synonym itself for life and nature.

The amateur nature of the project allowed Brocchi to direct and realise the project according to his own expectations of it, managing every one of its phases and aspects. Starting from the casting and all the way to the soundtrack, composed by Flavio Traversa, often under the guidance of the creator himself.

Technology and sustainability embrace in this project. Many of the scenographic elements are, in fact, built with recycled materials. A deliberate choice for a project like this, that ends up giving it even more value. And, in some ways, wants to turn into a warning.


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    1993, bi. Divisa tra il disegno e la scrittura. Troppe idee per non sprecarne. Traduttrice amatoriale.

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