Sabrina is back. Starting January 24th you can find her on Netflix in streaming. We were finally able to take some time to watch the new season. And it’s amazing!

I always had great expectations for Sabrina. I still remember the ’90’s series I watched when I was young. But the new one is darker and creepy.  I’ve been loving it more and more.

What happened in the previous season.

If you haven’t watched season 2 yet, please skip this intro. It could be full of spoiler.

the chilling adventure of sabrina

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Sabrina is half-witch and half-human. She lives with her aunties, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, in a house next to the small family graveyard in Greendale. On the day of her 16th birthday she’ll have to make a decision about her life: be a witch of the Church of Night or be a common teenager. However, Sabrina refuses to choose. She wants to be both and at the and of the first season, she manages to reach her goal of being as much of a witch as she is human.

But invisible wires are moved by mysterious hands. Father Blackwood is not happy Sabrina is studying at the Academy and Mary Wardwell, her human teacher that we’ll found out be Lilith in disguise, really wants Sabrina to choose her witch side.

Plus there is somebody else looking to put a claim on Sabrina’s soul. The Dark Lord’s one, Satan himself. The reason for this being that the Dark Lord is actually Sabrina’s father and he wants to make her his betrothed and his queen. Thanks to Lilith, Sabrina defeats the Devil by sacrificing her love: Nicholas Scratch. Satan’s soul is trapped in the boy’s body and dragged to hell by Lilith.

Season 3: Plot

the chillng adventure of sabrina - le terrificanti avventure di sabrina
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Sabrina’s nights are full of nightmares. She’s always thinking about Nick, trapped in hell with Satan in his body. She knows he is in danger and he is suffering a lot. So, she is ready to descend to hell to save him. Her friends Roz, Harvey and Theo won’t let her go alone on this trip.

Even so, they need to defeat the new queen Lilith. But Lilith herself has some problems to avoid. Her dominion is not approved by hell’s princes.

So, Lilith and Sabrina need to join their forces and work together once again.

In the meantime, in Greendale, Old Gods are coming back to claim their dominion and Ancient Ones lies in darkness. After all, that is not dead which can eternal lie.


Sabrina is a dark and horror TV show even if as a teen show. Sabrina is a real witch, one of the dark and evil kinds. The kind of witches Christians were afraid of in the Middle Ages. These witches are Satan’s devotees. These are the elements that make this TV show what it is.

As time goes by, it’s harder and harder for Sabrina to live a double life. Being a teen and a witch is very is difficult because it requires her to walk on two different paths. Sabrina’s character grows up a lot in this season, especially under the pressure of more responsibilities. Plus, she knows she is very powerful and she is not afraid of that.

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Kiernan Shipka plays her role greatly. Miranda Otto is an amazing aunt Zelda. She is fierce and harsh. As the new Academy principal, she has to face a lot of trouble. She is the first woman in this role, so her authority is very important.

Michelle Gomez has the hardest part, she has to play two opposite characters at the same time. Miss Wardwell is a conscientious and shy woman, while Lilith is the powerful and sensual Queen of Hell.

In this season, the setting is darker and more apocalyptic. We go on a trip to Hell. There, you can see the great work and effort of direction, scenography and photography.  As a horror lover, I especially appreciated the infernal circles and the atmosphere around the demons and devils.

They are amazing!

The arrival of the Old Gods and their followers make everything darker and creepier. When we talk about the Old Gods we are talking about every deity from ancient cults, like Greek mythology, Celtic lore and so on… As this is a horror show where we can see the most horrific parts of their cult and traditions, like blood rituals and so on. By the way, this comparison between pagan and satanic witches is very interesting. We have a comparison of their powers. The first take them from nature and the second from a fallen angel.

We also get to hear about the Eldritch’s Horrors again, even though we can’t really see yet in this season. Even so, it seems they will be the focus of the 4th season. Well, we sure hope so!


As I said, I love horror, so I really loved this season. And of course, the entire TV show. If you don’t love this kind of show or are easily frightened you should pass this time. If you like horror, mysticism, magic, demons and evil and, of course, you love Lovecraft, we strongly recommend this show.


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