The Forgotten Toys is an animated movie released in 1995 that was then followed by not one, but two series based on James Stevenson’s story “The Night After Christmas”. It revolves around a scruffy teddy bear and an old rag doll that were thrown away by the children who owned them after receiving new toys. A perfectly fitting story for this month’s edition of Forgotten Memories.

The Forgotten Toys – Plot

Teddy the bear wakes up the night after Christmas in a garbage can. The ragdoll Annie is there with him. The two toys have been thrown away by their children who have already received others as Christmas presents, newer, higher-tech, and with a bunch of cool accessories. Teddy and Annie are too old for their children and the kids don’t want to play with them anymore. Nevertheless, the two decide to team up and go look for new children who’ll take care of them.


The Forgotten Toys might be another one of those animated movies that only the director Graham Ralph, his grandma, and I remember. To this day, no streaming platform hosts it and if one wants to buy it, the only way to do that is by getting a used copy. It’s a real shame because, among many other Christmas movies, The Forgotten Toys turns out to be a cute and heartening tale despite its simple premise.

In just 25 minutes, the scruffy bear Teddy and the sweet ragdoll Annie will definitely manage to make their way into any viewer’s heart. Maybe they’ll even remind you of your childhood days. After all, who didn’t have a favourite toy to squeeze and hug whenever they were feeling a bit sad and lonely? Who doesn’t still have, hidden in the far recesses of their house, some of their old toys, maybe even the little ugly and broken ones, but still ones they can’t let go of because they were gifted by a special person?

That’s precisely what Annie says to her fellow adventurer when Teddy tells a toy they meet and that looks a bit like Santa Claus that he needs batteries too.

It’s only a good present if you love the person you give it to and that person loves you.

Love is what makes children happy.

teddy & annieAnd if we think about it for just a moment, it’s exactly true. Even truer in such a peculiar year as 2020 when everyone is a lot further away than we’d like them to be. And maybe, the simplest things are still what makes us the happiest.

A toy for a child

For every child, toys become a sort of first friend they get acquainted with, the first way to create their own world and develop their imagination. In some cases, the role of the toy is also that of a confidant, especially in the early phases of growing up, and it is certainly not an accident that very often, a child’s favourite toy is also one of the first they have been given. Or, to paraphrase what our lovely protagonist is quoted saying just above, it’s only a good present if the person who gives it to you loves you.

In the same vein, Annie’s musical number in the movie is another amazing piece of the story. In her few verses, Annie talks to Teddy to let him know that he can count on her. And yet, those same words are also a reminder of something she did for her little girl when she needed her toy. Her toy being Annie.

Anytime you need

a friend

Just call out

my name

I’ll come running


you are

I’ll find you

Anytime, anywhere

The Forgotten Toys – show and tell

Now that we’ve talked about the core of the movie, precious childhood toys, we would like to hear from you, our readers, on the subject.

First of all, did you already know this movie? Did you like it?

And secondly, did you also use to own a toy as a child that you were especially fond of? What was it? How did you get it? And most of all, do you still keep it stored somewhere? Let us know with a comment below and tell us its story. And also why not pull it out of its hiding place and try giving it a big hug?!


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