Welcome back to our monthly writing challenge, The Edge of The Page, and a Happy New Year to all our readers! We’re looking forward to sharing the stories we’ve received over the last month and, just as our goodbye to 2020 was, the New Beginnings you told us about this January that are only waiting to be uncovered are a little bittersweet, but a much-appreciated fruit of our most courageous writers’ labours!

As every month so far, we’re thrilled of the reception we’ve received to the challenge and we simply cannot wait to share with you all the theme to follow as we continue our challenge and get ready to compile the collection for the month of February.

Get out your pens – or your keyboards! -, sit down and get comfortable at your writing desks, and show us once again your passion, your creativity, your abilities and ideas! Are you ready? Is that a Yes?! Then send us your newest story; our team is here to evaluate and publish the best four on our website Vampire’s Tears for the entirety of February!

These are still the rules:

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find the theme you need to follow, in all its shades and shapes, as inspiration for your work.

Once you’re done writing your story, you can send it to our editorial staff through the form below.

Participation requirements:

  1. The events of the story and the characters used must be completely original, hence not inspired by already known and existing stories.
  2. Fanfiction is, therefore, not allowed.
  3. The author retains all the rights of the material they send and will be able to use it again in the future.

Our most attentive readers will have noticed that this month, one of our usual rules has been omitted. Good catch! In occasion of the shortest month of the year – and also the most romantic -, we want to put your talents to the test with not just one, but two new requirements!

This time, the length limit of the stories gets shorter:

  • the stories of February will have to be contained within only 2000 words.

Moreover, this month’s theme is not a word, but an entire genre: Romance! Be it new, young love, be it a tragedy of the likes of Romeo & Juliet, be it a funny and unexpected romantic comedy, or any other kind of romantic love, we want to read it the way you write it!

The publication schedule of The Edge of The Page remains the same. The four stories that are most liked by our team at Vampire’s Tears will be published weekly over the entire month of February and then, together with all the others we’ll receive, they will be compiled in a browsable online magazine we’ll be sharing with you all at the end of the month.

Are you ready to be challenged and to send us your stories? We’re definitely ready to read them! You can already send what you’ve written and will be published in February and participate in the competition through the form you can find above by the 30th of January.

Therefore, once again, we’ll be impatiently waiting for your Romances of under 2000 words.

We can’t wait to dive into the fruits of your wonderful creativity!

Happy writing, everyone.